Here are more details on patch 1.2 which is already available.

Patch Highlights

On final evolution, all remaining genetic mutations are automatically activated. This allows players to reload their save game and complete remaining evolution missions if they so desire.
Meteorites smoke now lasts longer.
Drinking water provides a new shield.
Fleeing animals will avoid coming back to the same spot right away.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where a fear zone exit would sometimes change position as the player got closer to it.
Fixed reinforcement points assignment issue when a neuron would be learnt via meteorite without having all its previous neurons learnt.
Fixed clan members disappearing from Clan HUD in rare circumstances.
Clan members being attacked by predators do not automatically reach safety when the player leaves the area.
Fixed keyboard keys icons displaying placeholders when a PS4 controller was connected to PC
Clan members inside a settlement will not mimic actions that force them outside of settlement
Fixed animals sometimes being stuck on spot
Animals can now only be discovered once
Improved game stability
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