Как починить если вылетает

Some players using Intel 10th and 11th Gen CPU's have been running into issues with the game crashing upon launch.

This issue is related to a bug in OpenSSL 1.2. Any game that currently uses this version will have issues, this includes Unreal Engine 4.21 which is what Post Scriptum runs on.

Until we have a permanent fix, we have a workaround that should let the users affected play the game. You can find it below.

Step 1. Open "Control Panel" by searching for it in Windows search bar, by pressing the Windows button or key.
Step 2. Go to "System & Security"
Step 3. Go to "System"
Step 3. Press "Advanced system settings"
Step 4. Press "Environmental Variables"
Step 5. Create a new "System Variable" (NOT USER VARIABLE)
Step 6. Enter the following into the Variable name box: OPENSSL_ia32cap
Step 7. Enter the following into the Variable value box: ~0x20000000
Step 8. Now press OK.

Please try starting Post Scriptum again, you may need to restart your system for the changes to take effect.
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