FAQ по Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Секретный уровень:
В начале игры стой на балконе, никуда не заходи. Зажми клавишу X и нажми: пробел, левая кнопка мыши, E, C, E, пробел, левая кнопка мыши, C. Только нажимать надо быстро, иначе не получится. Оказавшись на секретном уровне иди постоянно вправо. У видишь большую комнату - это она и есть.

А так вот еще есть пару Хинтов, только их переводить пока надо) позже англ.версию магу заменять русской)

A Prisoner Seeking An Escape
When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking An Escape
level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell to the left when
looking at the save point. In the left corner of the cell is a little joke on
the wall. Take a closer look in first person view at the drawings you find
there. Obviously the prisoners where playing hangman here.

Tomb doors puzzle
Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to
find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always
start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise. The order is:
1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Seventh door from the entrance
3. Third door from the entrance
After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the second level of
this room. It is almost the same, just with more doors. The order is:
1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Ninth door from the entrance
3. Fifth door from the entrance
An intermission sequence will then follow.

Baths: Magic Fountain
After earning yourself the second sword which can break the walls, gain access
to the secret corridor. Stop halfway through the corridor and on the right wall
should be a wall with a crack that someone has hastily concealed. Break the wall
to find another Magic Fountain.

Courtyard: Magic Fountain
After completing the trap corridor where you had to race to the slowly closing
door, you will battle some Sand Monsters in the courtyard. After this has been
successfully done, climb up the courtyard. When you are in the section where you
have to climb up the ladder which appears above the spikes, continue until you
find a Sand Cloud. Near the sand cloud is a hole in the wall. Climb up the
rubble and run among the wall to grab on the ledge. Go through the hole to find
yourself in a mystery area. Keep walking on the bridges until you reach a
fountain. Drinking from this fountain will raise your life bar.

Daybreak: Avoid battles
When the Prince and Farah attempt to cross the drawbridge you have lowered, many
sand creatures will appear to battle you. Just run past them on the left and
into the open doorway with the switch inside. They will not follow, and you wll
not have to fight them.

Defense system puzzle
When entering the room with the defense system in it, follow these steps to
complete the puzzle:
1. Step on the glowing "full moon" panel to retrieve the first axle.
2. Approach the levers on the middle of the platform, and turn it on these
steps: right, up, left three times, and up two times. Step on the glowing New
Moon to retrieve it.
3. Next, turn the levers up, right two times, and up two times. Then, step on
the half moon panel to gain the third axle.
4. A "quarter moon" insignia marks the last axle. Turn the levers right and
down. Step on the quarter moon to receive the last axle.
5. To bring the entire platform up, move the levers up, left and up.
Easy fights
Use the dagger to stab the enemy so that he becomes frozen. Then, hit him once
with your sword so that he floats in the air. When he lands, he will be lying on
the ground. Stab him with the dagger to take his sand.

Farah's attitude
When near Princess Farah, switch to first person view and look at her for a long
time. At the beginning of the game, she will soon tell you to stop staring at
her. Later in the game, she will tell you that your eyes are green and you can
look at her if you want.
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