Resident Evil 3


Jill Super Cop (With All S.T.A.R.S Jill) у кого ни будь есть?

За авторством by Arison_C, alphaZomega, K.G. Maliao, TM Top
Или скажите как его получить описание оригинальное мне ничего не сказало
И в целом я не знаю английского в сети кроме скриншотов ничего нет
И бесплатен ли он или что там
If you don't understand English please translate my comment with Google Translate.

The author of the file says that you will have to send a message to him on Discord.
His Discord : TM_Top#7776
Send a friend request , it will take days for him to accept as he is not very active. If he accepts , you can send him a message requesting for that file you want. He will ask you to do some several stuff such as subscribing and commenting on his youtube videos , liking his videos , or maybe that's what he told me to do. Then he will send you a link to the file you want after you have done what he says. I can't share the file because he wants people to get the file from him only. Hope you understand.
This is the video of the mod on his YouTube channel : , Read the description of the video carefully. Translate it to your language if you can't understand. Hope it helps.
Короче челик просит ему в дискорд добавиться, если он припет реквест в друзья, сможешь его попросить скинуть тебе этот мод, он тебе скажет что делать чтобы он тебе в ответ на услугу дал ссылку на сам мод.
good luck with that, i already suscribe to his channel, like all his videos, send request friend on discord and nothing, maybe he is not active anymore, even his youtube channel the last video was 9 month ago, so if someone have a link to those reskins, please share. thanks in advance
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